Want free Netflix on your phone? Get a postpaid connection

Trust Airtel to offer the best of best incentives to get their postpaid connection – and three months of free Netflix is just one of them!

The advantage of using a good postpaid plan is that you only need to settle the bill at the end of the month. Meanwhile, you can surf, make calls, chat with friends, update your social media feeds and do other things all day.

But this goes for generic postpaid connections. Does your plan offer exciting benefits, like Airtel does? For instance, do you have 3 months’ free Netflix?

Free Netflix for 3 months: Is this for real?

It certainly is if you’re an Airtel postpaid subscriber. If you are mulling over the idea of buying an Airtel postpaid connection, you can hold off on renewing your Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions till you finish buying the postpaid plan. Even existing Airtel postpaid users get these benefits. This is what you can get:

  • No matter if your Netflix subscription for the year has ended. Just get an Airtel postpaid connection (plans other than the Rs 399 plan) and get 3 months of Netflix absolutely free. This offer is extended to existing Airtel postpaid users as well. Chilling with your favourite shows and movies has never been this awesome!
  • As a regular shopper and watcher of the choicest TV shows and film content, you probably have a one-year Amazon Prime subscription. If it has lapsed, just buy an Airtel postpaid connection and get one-year free Amazon Prime subscription. Shop, pay bills, do recharges, and watch Prime Video without any subscription charges for a year!
  • Get access to other add-on benefits like handset repair protection, free use of Airtel TV and Zee5 apps, data rollover on unused data, high amount of monthly data (from 40 GB to 120 GB, depending on the plan), easy account management under the Airtel myFamily Plan (you can club all Airtel numbers in the household under one plan), etc.

The best of postpaid, courtesy Airtel

Apart from the excellent benefits mentioned above – and which no other mobile service provider is currently offering – you will love using your Airtel postpaid connection.

Airtel offers the most seamless, always-on network. It has the highest proliferation of mobile network towers in the country. So whether you are travelling out of your current circle to enter another city, or if it is stormy and rainy weather, you will always be connected no matter what. Airtel postpaid connections are seen to face almost zero call drops and no patchy networks.

You also get tremendous data surfing speeds. Airtel’s data speeds are consistent winners of the Ookla speed test awards year upon year. While other service providers struggle to offer decent surfing speeds, your Airtel postpaid connection zooms from one task to another – stream videos, surf the web, chat with multiple friends and work on the go with your plan.